we want our children to try new things, discover their talents, gain confidence in themselves, and learn many life lessons along the way.

Dance classes are one of the best methods for achieving all of those goals in one program. In addition to teaching flexibility, strength, rhythm, and creativity, our dance program teaches teamwork, dedication, hard work, and determination in a wholesome and nurturing environment. 

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as parents...

We train dancers so that they can achieve whatever their individual goals are. 

We provide opportunities for accomplishment at every level. Whether it be overcoming preschool stage fright or winning a national title, we celebrate every victory. Some of our dancers take the lessons they learned in dance and apply them as they move on to athletics while others train to become high school, college and even professional dancers.

at today's generation...

Our dancers have earned numerous national titles and Studio of Excellence awards in Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. Our dancers have performed at Disneyland and Times Square.

Today's Generation is known for excellence both locally and nationally

TG alumni achievements include...

Top 6 of So You Think You Can Dance


Taylor Swift Red Tour


Teen Beach Musical

BYU Cougarettes


BYU-IDAHO Dance Alliance

BYU Ballroom Tour Team

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Not only do we relish all of our students' various dance accomplishments but we take great pride in hearing our dancers tell us how the time management skills they learned in dance helped them to successfully navigate their academics in college.

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Peggy Earl is a wife, mother of 7, and grandmother of 21. She started Today's Generation in 2000 along with co-creators Lori Baker and Janet Bergeson. With 10 girls between them, the founding partners were motivated to create a program that gave kids from a small town the tools to be competitive on the world stage. Peggy has over 25 years of experience directing, instructing, choreographing and judging. She feels it is a great privilege to work with today's youth and help prepare them to be successful adults through dance. 

peggy earl

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Lori Baker grew up in Provo, Utah where she fell in love with dance at an early age. Lori is one of the founding members of Today's Generation. In addition to her work at the studio, Lori also coached the Molahiette dance team for 12 years. During her time as coach the team won 17 State Championships and 15 National Championships. Lori was recently inducted into the WSDDCA Hall of Fame. Lori is most proud of her 5 children and 16 grandchildren and loves sharing her passion for dance with youth everywhere.

Lori Baker

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Kendall Earl Da Ponte started her dance training at age 3. She trained continuously through high school and continued her dance training at Brigham Young University. Kendall was a four year member and captain of the Molahiette drill team. Dance helped her win the title of Distinguished Young Woman of Washington 2011 where she went on to compete at Distinguished Young Woman of America placing in the Top Ten. 

Kendall Da Ponte

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Dancing since the age of 3, and teaching from the age of 12, Mackenzie has found joy in the many different aspects of dance. Since high school, she's been assistant coach to the Molahiettes, full time dance teacher, appeared on America’s Got Talent, became a dance and drill team judge, and choreographed state and National winning choreography across Washington state. While Mackenzie loves the challenge of coming up with new and creative choreography, she finds so much happiness in working with young dancers and students. With a lifelong love of performing, and 3 kids of her own, Mackenzie has found that the performing arts preschool is another perfect fit. After some time spent back East, Mackenzie is thrilled to be back teaching in the local dance community, raising her family, and navigating her favorite role of all: “dance mom."

MacKenzie Nielson

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Courtney received her dance degree from Brigham Young University emphasizing ballroom, ballet, and jazz. She has been dancing for over 25 years and has been teaching and choreographing for the last 15 years. She has won numerous choreography awards. She was a member of the Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Touring company and had the chance to travel and perform all over the world. The BYU Ballroom team is the undefeated National U.S. formation Team champions. She has won first place at the national level in both international standard and smooth genres. She competed with the team and won the world championship title at the British Formation Championships in Blackpool, England followed by a performing tour across Germany and Switzerland.

Courtney Papenfuss

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Danielle has been dancing since she was three. After graduating high school, she went on to teach and choreograph for award-winning teams across the Midwest. When she saw a need for a better dance program in her town, she created her own successful dance studio, running it for multiple years and earning numerous awards and accolades. She’s passionate about helping dancers achieve their greatest potential both on the stage and in life.

Danielle Andre

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Jaylynn Hernandez began her dance training when she was five years old and has been dancing ever since. She has been trained in styles such as ballet, jazz, clogging, hip-hop and contemporary. Jaylynn is an alumna of the Moses Lake High School Molahiette drill team. After high school she went on to dance for two years as a Crimson Girl at Washington State University. In addition to teaching for Today's Generation, Jaylynn was hired in 2018 as the head coach for the Moses Lake High School drill team. Jaylynn has coached her studio and school dancers to several state and national championships. Jaylynn excels at inspiring her students to be their very best. 

Jaylynn Hernandez

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Allison was born and raised in Othello. She danced in her younger years and played volleyball, even receiving a scholarship to the University of Idaho to play volleyball. She is a mom to three little girls and just recently added a baby boy into their family! Her daughters participated in TG's preschool and dance program, which was Allison's first experience with Today's Generation Performing Arts Preschool. After being a part of the program as a parent, Allison saw the opportunity to continue and help the program grow and joined the TG team. She has a love for teaching young children and helping them learn through play and music! 

Allie Baker

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Celine has been dancing for many years and has a passion for dancing. She danced with the Dallas Ballet Company (pre-professional company) for several years, performing lead roles in the Nutcracker, Raymonda, and Le Corsaire, as well as lead roles in pieces choreographed by Jason Fowler. She also taught jazz (ages 9-13) and pre-teen ballet at Dallas Ballet Center, choreographing pieces for both classes for their spring show. 

Celine nakamura

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Kylee has been dancing since she was 3 years old. During high school, she was captain of her drill team which went on to be regional and National champions. She received numerous dance awards and her solo consistently won first overalls. Kylee loves teaching dance, working with both our youngest dancers and our oldest! 

Kylee Fhurman

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ShaylieAnn has more than 15 years of dance experience. During her dance career she received numerous awards including Molahiette's Warrior of the Year award in 2017 and a judge's choice "Beast Mode" award for her solo. She competed on the Moses Lake Drill Team all four years of high school. She even won Petite Miss Washington award at the age of 10. ShaylieAnn loves sharing her passion for dance through teaching now. There's no greater joy for her than seeing her students accomplish their goals! 

ShaylieAnn Robnett

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